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There will never be another Chita Rivera! My friendship with her and her undying love and support will last an eternity. Chita gave so much, and was so generous in her love and support creatively as well as personally. She will be missed forever.!

Rest in Love Legend, Friend, Mentor

Happy New Year !! Here is to 2024

May the blessings begin!!
What an honor to be a part of Ballet Hawaii’s Nutcracker!

I will be choreographing the auditions for the upcoming Disney Cruise Lines Hawaii auditions. Go to the Disney jobs website create a profile and sign up, come out and audition, singing and dancing with the possibilities of a future with the Disney family. All the information can be found on their website. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


NYC 2023 Chita Rivera and the Chita Rivera Awards! What an amazing experience to surprise, Chita, the Broadway and First National touring company of Chita Rivera, The Dancers Life getting together to perform for her. Richard Amaro put it all together with Rosie and Joe Lanteri and it was a huge success. A legendary evening as Chita gave legend, John Kander a Lifetime Achievement Award. There will never be originators like this again. These are the memories !

The Chita Rivera Awards 2023
Chita Rivera: The Dancers Life
Richard Amaro, Deirdre, Goodwin, Lainie Sakakura ,
Alex Sanchez, Malinda Farington, Allyson Tucker Mitchell Robert Montano and Lainie and Alex’s daughter, Isa!

The Best !!!!! Love you Chita !!


Happy to be Choreographer for the upcoming Disney Cruise line Auditions! Come out and show your skills and start a career with the Mouse !! See you there !!

Welcome 2023 !!!!
This year is all about clarity and new beginnings. This year’s about paying attention to the signs and listening to messages of truth. Looking forward to sharing my music and creative pathways to elevate.

Amazing new projects in the works including my film short music project.
The power of film the power of music the power of being focused on creating your own projects!! Also, Chitas book comes out soon and the stories are amazing! Thankful to be a part of her life and this amazing memoir by Chita and Patrick Pacheco ! The future is as bright as you shine.. keep shining !!

Sandie is a consummate professional with years of first class experience. I am so appreciative of her generosity and true caring for the topics she covers.
Thank you Sandie !!

Ray has been a huge asset to our desert community connecting people sharing great content and clients. I was very grateful and appreciative of his excellent preparation when bringing clients to NBC Palm Springs for our NBCares tapings. His advance work not only helped his clients feel at ease and prepared for their television interviews but it helped us in knowing what areas to cover. He is very charismatic and talented and worked well with our crew and other guests.
He is a joy to work with. 
Sandie Newton 
NBC Palm Springs 
While In the middle of so many other things going on I was happy to take the time and do this interview. It’s about the Arts and proper education when it comes to working with students on any level. There seems to be a disconnect between the morals of the stories, truth and the adults fears of telling kids the truth. We talk about this and many other things!!

This last year I have been fortunate to make some amazing new friendships. One is with Nora Hanna of Until There’s a Cure!
Their amazing platform continues support HIV education globally. One of the creations is Empowering Voices which is a platform ran by students in connection also with
How I Value life , A website dedicated to outreach and education where it is most needed, the youth!! Thank you Nora for the work you and your team continue to put in to tirelessly provide The proper information and education. My passion for years has been to make sure that the students get the correct information in order to stop the circle of repetition and to hopefully put an end to infections, unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse, sexism, homophobia and bigotry! All these stories represented in todays Award winning theater pieces!

Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you to everyone who tuned into our Luminary Matchup with the one and only Legend Chita Rivera! Kudos to CV Rep and the entire technical team. Ron Celona Artistic Director it was truly magical!!


Please join me for this once in a lifetime event! My Luminary Matchup with Legend Chita Rivera! This is a free event and you can register at This is going to be a magical hour with the one and only! I have had the honor of performing with Chita in her Carnegie Hall debut and many other amazing performances.


2021 Is full of new creative endeavors. I am pleased to be collaborating with Stephen Morris of MADCAP Global Music and Entertainment. Working in AnR and as a Social Media Director while continuing creative direction with his new Indie Artists around the globe.


Today we celebrate Legend Chita Rivera !
So honored to have been a part of several of her epic shows including her Carnegie Hall debut. Happy Birthday Chita love you to the moon! Join us at


Excited to be working with MADCAP Global Entertainment and MADCAP Global Records as Social Media Manager and as a Creative Director A&R!
The talent is stellar!! 

Happy New Year 2021- Surround yourself with love and true support!

‘RDB you are one of the most talented, intelligent, magnanimous, ingenious artists who has graced both sides of the camera with equal aptitude and brilliance! As a director and choreographer you bring out the best in your cast; as a friend and colleague you always bring forth the best in you. I think that’s why anytime I have worked with you it has always been one of the best experiences – ever! I’m always impressed to see where your road leads you and how you excel in every new endeavor you undertake.
Keep sharing your talents with us Raymond!
We love you soooo!!’

In this new year it is important to align our energy personally and professionally! We are being called to a higher vibration! I love working with Louise and she is a vital part of my life !!


I Loved getting to share some of the music that my family created while I was growing up while sharing stories of being in show business as a child up to the present. This was a great chat!! Thank you Michael Kennedy Welsh Connections for the interest and taking the time !!
@welshconnections68 @madcap_global_entertainment #showbizkid #creativedirector  #artisticdirectorchoreographer
The music is epic!! Click the link to Listen!

2020 has clearly been a trying time. I am thankful to continue to create and participate in the creation of new works! Zoom is my new best friend and I am doing private coaching as well as group classes in dance and yoga! If you are interested in joining send me an email and let’s keep the work fresh and creative! This was an amazing creative reading of  a new piece with some extremely talented folk! Keep getting involved !!



So grateful and humbled to be acknowledged by professional peers! My final presentation for my class culminated in stunning commitments from my students. This is why I teach !!

“If every show is a journey, this was one of the best, most exciting journeys of all. Not one second, I looked away or had another thought in my head. Everyone showed their own color and at the end, they painted a beautiful picture together. Bravo to the director who knew how to guide them to put those strokes on the canvas. He knew how to bring the best out of each student.”

Noriko Wright
Thank you Noriko! 

Musical Director, AMDA LA


2020 is off to an amazing start! Saturday is the final mix session with my co-producer, co-writer of my new EDM track! I have been busy teaching At PAC and working on my club act as well. Also Creating an insanely gorgeous number with my amazing dance partner, Lisana!!! New management and a clearer path to the next level is where it’s at!! 35 years ago my feet made their debut in this Epic little global sensation “Footloose” Wow how time flies!


Closing Out 2019!  It’s been a very informative year. Teaching and reaffirming that I love to pass on the information. So thankful to Chita Rivera, Stephen Schwartz, Paul Gordon, Linda Hart and Valerie Pettiford for sharing their words of wisdom with my students. This has always been a gift for me to be able to connect the generations. Also, very thankful to be dancing and performing again. 2020 is going to be insanely creative with the release of my new EDM track And some other extremely creative outlets!  I’ve learned valuable lessons on how you can only move forward and you can never go back. It’s been many things 2019 and I thank you! I am done!

Hello 2020 so nice to meet you !!

Happy New Year!!



Thank You Mary Gordon Murray for your support and encouragement.

“I attended the demo course performance of Raymond Del Barrio’s  “Roles and Readings“ class. Mr. Del Barrio’s work was superb! Beautifully realized characterizations, spot on direction and choreography,  and a clear experience and opportunity for growth for his students. I was incredibly impressed. And also incredibly moved and entertained. First rate work all around.” 

Mary Gordon Murray’s (teaching artists AMDA LA) most recent Broadway work was standing by for Laurie Metcalf in “Three Tall Women” in 2018. She spent the year before in the national tour of “Cabaret”, playing Fräulein Schneider. Mary has appeared in 10 Broadway shows, including “Into the Woods” as the Baker’s wife, Belle in “Little Me”, for which she received a best actress Tony nomination”, Sandy in “Grease”, Vi in “Footloose”, Virginia in “Hands on a Hardbody”, Faith in “Coastal Disturbances”, as well as “The Robber Bridegroom”, “I Love My Wife” and “Play Me a Country Song”. She was in the original cast of “A… My name is Alice” off Broadway, and has appeared in most of the major regional theaters in the US. Mary has worked extensively in television, appearing in over 30 guest star roles, as well as six years as Becky on “One Life to Live”.

That’s a wrap for the summer semester at AMDA. We had the honor of Legend’s Chita Rivera and Stephen Schwartz along with Broadway and Television star Tony Nominee Valarie Pettiford and Linda Hart call in to my class to impart some wisdom about our industry along with Tony Nominee Paul Gordon sharing a poignant message about the love of our craft! It was a stellar final course presentation!! I was also invited to choreograph a piece for the Dance Company Summer Presentation and that was exquisite !! The dancers and choreography were exemplary all Directed by West Side Story sister Tracy Silver! Looking forward to the many upcoming projects.


2019 is starting off creating new vehicles including new dances and choreography. Looking forward to joining the faculty in the Musical Theater Department, directing a Roles and Readings course, working with young up and comers soon to graduate with their BFA’s! The talent is astounding and I am so thankful for this opportunity to give back.

2018 was a year of service for me! I advocated for family and friends in crisis. Rehab, Mental Illness, Palliative Care for Cancer, Open Heart Surgery and Senior Advocacy took up the entire year.

You never know when you are going to be called to help and this was the year. I learned a lot and lost a couple of friends.  I am thankful to have been there for them all and to have had the time to be there for them. 2019 started with a lot of healing and mending along with a Master Class at Aloha Dance Sport and of course revisiting the Oscars. As a SAG voter the films were amazing and the Academy Awards Ceremony was stunning!

I will always be thankful for West Bank Story, Best Live Action Film Short . The story was and is of service to Peace in the middle east and how love can heal all! Here is to 2019 , the year of love and action!

My one man show is almost completed and soon I will embark on the next part of this journey!


Another Hit! Thank you to all the players and creative team! We definitely “Cut Loose!”

This has been a wonderful process and full circle for me as these are my feet in the opening titles of the original film and I also performed on the Oscars featured with Debbie Allen and Steve LaChance, choreographed by Scott Salmon with an incredible cast of the finest dancers performing Footloose Live! Get your tickets and come and  celebrate at Dean Pitchford’s Alma Mater St. Louis Class of 68′! “Everybody Cut Footloose”

March 3, 2018 Gala Event and three weekends of performances!


Had an amazing time teaching these wonderful students a combination from America-West Side Story!! We started off with a call from Legend Chita Rivera to speak to the girls, it was amazing. Thank you Paul and Jose!! #chitarivera #legend #westsidestory #america #dance


So many wonderful new projects ahead in the New Year 2018 will be filled with creativity and celebration.

We are starting with the St. Louis Spring Musical “Footloose” !! “Everybody cut loose!!”

Welcome 2018!!!



Excited to announce that we have another concert!

Chita will headline along with Barry Manilow and Vanessa Williams! A star-studded benefit concert highlighting the diversity and hope that is America at its best. Proceeds will go toward national organizations dedicated to protecting the environment, women’s health and civil rights.

Honored to participate in this event with the incomparable Chita Rivera!

All donations are tax-deductible and will be made to the 501c3 “Your Kids, Our Kids”charity. The financial success of this event will help kick off similar events across the country in months to follow! So please, DONATE NOW, and donate generously!
All Donations made via this site will be evenly split among these national organizations:
Planned Parenthood
Sierra Club Foundation
National Immigration Law Center
Southern Poverty Law Center
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Concert for America: Stand Up, Sing Out! is created and organized by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley in association with Your Kids, Our Kids with the support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.


So happy to be working with the team at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, National office here in New York. The Ed Sullivan building is historical and I also used to take dance class on the 4th floor years ago in the 80’s. Of course one could never forget David Letterman questioning whether the Miss America Dancers would ever work again after our command performance with Doug Swander’s “The Rhythm is going to get you” !!!


This year has been many things. The challenges and changes have been life altering. Here is to a 2017 that vibrates on a higher frequency.

With many blessing and beginnings as well and many endings we realize nothing is forever except for love! I am so thankful for all that I have been able to achieve and manifest. Helping the elderly  and others who are in need while finding my footing again has been a remarkable experience. I wish you well 2016 and bid you farewell…2017 it is time to take it to the next level. Namaste !!

It was amazing to have performed with Linda Hart, Kerry Butler, Milton Craig Nealy, John Forrester and our amazing Musical Director Steve Marzullo in a wonderful Holiday concert at the private Century Club! It was truly the Most Wonderful time……..!!!!


Such an honor to be on the stage with these stellar artist and Broadway veterans ! Its going to be magical!!!!


So honored to have performed with Legend Chita Rivera and my brothers and guest stars at Carnegie Hall November 7th, 2016! It truly was the most amazing, epic evening!








Had an amazing time teaching for The Ailey School and their professional education program today, 2016!  SO inspiring to share with them and see them assimilate and LIVE! Grateful! Dance children DANCE!



Just completed the final session of Stage Door Manor 2016 with Grand Hotel! The Cast was stellar and my musical director, Philip Shute, was incredible once again! I was hoping to have 10 time Tony winning Mr. Tommy Tune call in to say hello to the cast before opening but instead he decided to attend the opening night! (He received Best Director and Best Choreographer Tony’s for Grand Hotel) The most amazing surprise I have ever presented, next to of course the Legend Chita Rivera calling the kids for Nine’s opening. This was truly an inspirational summer with the most amazing kids and experiences that will last a lifetime!


Grand Hotel Tommy Tommy Tune 2016 Grand Hotel

First session finished! My cast of the Broadway musical NINE was a huge success! The kids were absolutely stunning and the creative team and design teams were stellar! Broadway Legend Chita Rivera called to wish the cast happy opening and to give some words of encouragement!
Be Italian

Stagedoor Manor offers total theater immersion, plus all the fun of a great summer camp. It’s the only performing arts program of its type in the world, with students from every state…and six continents! You will perform because everyone is cast in a show. You will learn from Directors, Choreographers, and Vocal Coaches who have been selected because of their years of experience motivating and guiding young performers.


Some of the most talented kids from around the world will join an amazing group of creatives for the ultimate experience!!! See you there!!


Excited to announce that I have completed my 200hr Yoga certification with the amazing Open Space Yoga! Namaste !! RYS200



Guys and Dolls

gndGuys and Dolls , Mamiya Theater 

So thrilled to mount this classic and watch it live! St. Louis Center for the Arts’ production of Guys and Dolls!
Mamiya Theater- Honolulu, Hawaii
Luck Be A Lady!!!

Art Stage Guys and Dolls 2016 pdf


home KCACTF National Festival 2016
So excited to be a part of this amazing week here in Hawaii! Chaminades “In The Heights”, I directed and choreographed last summer, was invited to perform a number at the Gala February 11, 2016. Hope to see you there! The competition started in 1969 by Roger L. Stevens, the Kennedy Center’s founding chairman, the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) is a national theater program involving 20,000 students from colleges and universities nationwide annually. For 46 years, the organization has served as a catalyst in improving the quality of college theater in the United States. KCACTF has grown into a network of more than 700 academic institutions throughout the country.



• A revue like “Side by Side” doesn’t land on an island stage too frequently; the last time was 1986, when Shari Lynn coincidentally was in that presentation, and the show, like the performers, have mellowed with time, respecting the lyrics of Sondheim and embracing his storytelling curve. That said, this is one of the season’s true surprises, mounted by Holowach with direction shared by actor Wilborn and director/choreographer Ramon Del Barrio, who show wisdom and style in mounting this jewel.

• With virtually no sets, but occasional projections to set mood or punctuate a point, “Side by Side” depends on the audience to bring imagination and attention to yield color and finesse to the landscape. And here’s the rub: You may be whistling perhaps four to six tunes as you exit the theater, but you’ll savor the trove of treats each performer (as soloists, duo, trio, quartet or quintet — radiates a luminous glow over the next few days.

Yes, it’s that good. So joyous, you wonder why more folks aren’t joining the hurrahs and ovations at the final curtain.


It’s an honor to be directing and choreographing this production. The performers and team are stellar. Get your tickets!!! The Performing Arts Department of Chaminade University in association with Saint Louis Center for the Arts will present the Tony Award winning musical In the Heights, with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and book by Quiara Alegria Hudes, at 7:30 p.m. on August 7 and 8, and 4 p.m. August 9, Mamiya Theatre, 3140 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816. Tickets will be available at the door and cost $25 for reserved seating and $15 for children, seniors, military, students, and for Chaminade faculty and staff.


Some other amazing productions I have staged and choreographed in Hawaii! Legally Blonde Jr., Suessical and my one man show in development!




It was a complete honor to Produce the Youth Programming and The Festival Entertainment for The Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation, Honolulu Pride 2015 the week of June 1-6. The Team was amazing and we really showed up for each other as a community! Ke Ala Hou “A New Path” Mahalo to all that were involved!





Such an honor to work at Kamehameha High School with Pat Fujioka and his team. The kids were so talented and brought such life to this amazing musical! In the Heights!




Had an amazing time at AMDA teaching a professional audition class~!

Thank you Kelia!!!



Broadway legends Tommy Tune and Ben Vereen have joined the cast of Chita: A Legendary Celebration, a benefit concert to be held on October7 at the August Wilson Theatre. This one-night-only event, which marks two-time Tony winner Chita Rivera’s 80th birthday, will benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.In Chita: A Legendary Celebration, Rivera will revisit songs from Broadway hits such as Chicago, Kiss of the Spider Woman, West Side Story and Bye Bye Birdie, accompanied by an onstage orchestra. The evening will be directed by Graciela Daniele, written by Terrence McNally and feature music direction by Michael Croiter.Rivera, Tune and Vereen will be joined onstage by dancers Richard Amaro, Brad Bradley, Lloyd Culbreath, Raymond Del Barrio, Robert Montano and Alex Sanchez, as well as Kyle Taylor Parker and Nathan Peck from the cast of Kinky Boots.A sizzling evening of song and dance honoring and starring theatrical icon Chita Rivera raised a remarkable $413,660 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.A sold-out crowd filled Broadway’s August Wilson Theatre with rapturous applause and six standing ovations throughout the evening Monday, October 7, 2013, as they joyfully cheered Rivera, a Broadway legend who turned 80 earlier this year. The one-night-only event, called Chita: A Legendary Celebration, included special performances by Tony Award winners Tommy Tuneand Ben Vereen and a surprise video tribute from legendary composer John Kander.Commanding the stage for nearly two unstoppable hours and backed by a 15-piece onstage orchestra, Rivera recreated some of her most loved performances from 10 of her Broadway musicals including West Side Story, Chicago, Kiss of the Spider Woman,The Rink and Sweet Charity. The second half of the performance was dedicated to the iconic writing team of John Kander and Fred Ebb, Rivera’s long-time friends and frequent collaborators. Following the heartfelt video tribute from Kander, where he called his relationship with Rivera “the definition of friendship,” she returned to the stage accompanied by several of her dancers from Kiss of the Spider Woman and The Dancer’s Life: Richard Amaro,  Brad Bradley,  Lloyd Culbreath , Raymond del BarrioRobert Montano and Alex Sanchez.October 7th, 2013 The August Wilson Theater , Broadway!


Eddystone- The Musical. We just finished the first staged reading of this new exciting Musical written by Tim Labor and Directed by Martha Demsen.Martha is the current Artistic Director of the Open Fist Theatre Company  I was fortunate to choreograph and play several roles for the reading We performed at The Boston Court Theater with an exciting cast of world class talent! More to come!


Fringe Mainstage at The Open Fist Theatre

In three one acts we explore the aftermath of a one night stand, the first physical encounter after a Planet Sappho internet connection, and a set up with some unforeseen challenges. Souls collide on their quest for love…Sexy Sixty by Jennifer Schoch
Starring Allison Mattox and Beth RobbinsThe Blind Date by Beth Robbins Starring Shon Fuller and Algerita Wynn- Musical Staging by Ramon Del BarrioThe Afternoon After by Allison Mattox Starring Alec Cygano and Kiley EberhardtTuesday, June 18th at 7:30pm Wednesday, June 26th at 9:00pm Saturday, June 29th at 1:30pm at The Open Fist Theater.
Saint Louis Performing Arts Program. Honolulu, Hawaii Mamiya Theater March 1, 2013
“Thanks to choreographer extraordinaire Ramon Del Barrio. The students moved like salsa dancers who have been doing this for years. Del Barrio created dances that featured the abilities of each student and strengthened the image of this community with numbers like “96,000”, “Carnival del Barrio” and the title song “In the Heights”. My personal favorite is the Act One finale which begins in an epic club dance and ends with a city wide blackout; it is something that needs to be seen multiple times to be fully appreciated. Every number is precise, never feels too choreographed and is faithful to the Latin moves that inspired Lin Manuel Miranda (creator of In the Heights)…”


Frankie Valli predictably occupied the spotlight for most of the night, he gave gracious acknowledgment and solo turns both to his musicians and his current lineup of supporting vocalists who spent the first half of the concert  swaying and gesticulating in a carefully synchronized, old-school style — snapping their fingers here, slicking back their hair in unison there! The show ended with a steady stream of golden oldies — among them SherryWalk Like A Man and Big Girls Don’t Cry— followed by an encore of Rag Doll and Let’s Hang On, ensuring that Valli’s fellow pop preservationists went home happy. USA today Broadway 2012.
 It is a honor to announce that I am staging and choreographing for the legendary Mr. Frankie Valli. For the first time in 50 years Frankie Valli will appear in a limited engagement concert on Broadway October 19-27 2012. His music and legacy is astounding. It is a great honor.  Sherry Baby , Big Girls Don’t Cry, Bye Bye Baby and so many more. Come experience Frankie Valli as he sings his timeless hits spanning over 5 decades!
“Walk  Like a Man” to the box office and get your tickets!
Rob Schneider plays a bachelor who has just married into a tight-knit Mexican American family on the new CBS comedy with co-stars Cheech Marin, Lupe Ontiveros, Claudia Bassols, Eugenio Derbez, Diana Maria Riva and Ricky Rico!  Joining the cast for episode 6 three co-stars Marcus Choi, Veronica Diaz and Ramon Del Barrio !! So nice to be surrounded by Latin talent !! Amazing production team !!


Larry Hart’s award winning Musical returns! Winner of  8 NAACP Theater Awards including Best Musical , Best Director and Best Musical Staging and Choreography! The only musical ever Executive Produced and Presented by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Co-directed, staged and choreographed by Raymond Del Barrio.


Mr. Bojangles as a cast member of SHOWSTOPPERS at Army Community Theater in Honolulu , Hawaii is an official Po’okela Award winner in the Best Ensemble category! Thank you Brett Harwood for inviting me to be a   part of an inspiring production!! Mahalo!!

Broadway Show Stoppers, Army Community Theater Benefit REVIEW “The biggest “wow” moment comes when Ramon Del Barrio takes the stage for a superbly executed solo interpretation of “Mr. Bojangles” that displays his formidable talents as a dancer, choreographer and singer. Not a movement is wasted as Del Barrio’s one-man performance utilizes the entire stage in a glorious celebration of the magic of motion that captures the poignancy of the lyrics as well.”  John Berger


Legend Chita Rivera speaks about the 50th Anniversary of

West Side Story and the Oscar Award Winning

West Bank Story”!

It is the 50th Anniversary of West Side Story, the film West Bank Story is a classic love story reminding us, with great humor, that things have not changed. We need to understand and share our lives.I laughed really hard at West Bank Story, especially the staging and choreography. From the beginning finger snaps (truly funny), 2 gangs and other familiar West Side Story Trade marks, cleverly staged and choreographed by Ramon Del Barrio. It knocked me out that it was Ramon’s work being that he is a friend and also touring with me in my Broadway show CHITA RIVERA: THE DANCERS LIFE.West Bank Story is a very funny outlook on a serious subject. Ramon you did a great job!!!”  -CHITA RIVERA

WEST SIDE STORY TRIBUTE- Gypsy of the Year 12/18/07 Posted on December 20, 2007 Performing with the Legends! An amazing honor! I am in Purple!! West Side Story 50th Anniversary Gypsy

Chita-Rivera-Dancers-Life-11-05Chita Rivera: The Dancers Life – National Tour 06/07 Posted on June 12, 2007 “To actually be on stage with somebody who created so many iconic roles, somebody I looked up to so much, is so amazing and almost surreal,” said del Barrio, who choreographed the Oscar-winning short film “West Bank Story.” “It means a lot to learn and perform with someone who is an originator.” The longevity and achievements of Rivera’s career have served as an inspiration to del Barrio since he entered the entertainment industry at 10. Having worked with several musical talents, including Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie and Barbra Streisand, he noted that Rivera’s continued commitment and hard work distinguish her from today’s instantaneous celebrities. “No overnight success will ever replace true blood, sweat and tears,” he said. “I don’t think today’s stars are going to create a legacy that will go down in the history books, and I think Chita clearly has.”

ChitaWhat can I say? This was the most amazing experience ever!!! When I got the call from Chita saying that she would like me to perform with her in her Broadway tour I thought I would drop to the floor, I think I did!! While on tour, to have a film short I staged and choreographed be nominated for an Academy Award was so unreal and powerful considering it was West Bank Story! A parody of West Side Story in the West Bank! Chita gave me the weekend off to go to Los Angeles. I never could have imagined that we would be nominated let alone win an Oscar but we did!!! The Performing Arts Annex donated their space, I cast over 30 dancers and worked in the middle of July while the mountains were on fire, and then the subject matter! iT was worth it! When I returned to Chita and the show in Seattle it was to a warm embrace from Chita and the gang and then, beat, back to the work!!! Thank god I focused all these years on the training and mind set for Live Theater! It wasn’t untill I stepped on stage with Chita that I realized what I had been working so hard for! Chita, West Side Story, The Oscar, West Bank Story, the work. The irony is so amazing but the “reality” is that our serious social issues still exist and must be addressed. Professionally, the art of quality “live performance” is not something that can be edited, mixed or fabricated in any way!! The truth is the clarity!! You Chita are a Star unlike any other! IT just IS!… if IT ain’t IT kid, IT ain’t IT! Thank you to the cast and crew of The Dancers Life for the amazing ride!!! Thank you Richard Amaro for all the love and support and lessons along the way!

Chita I will always be…”eye’s wide, mouth open and in awe..” Always, Ramon

Richard Amaro’s “Latin Rhythms” Starring Chita Rivera and friends! Broadway Cares Equity Fights A.I.D.S.- BB Kings, I represented Mambo Kings and sang “Beautiful Maria” from the film with the

Ray Santos Orchestra.


Conceived by Lucie Arnaz, Ron Abel and Ramon Del Barrio! The Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami July 8-11, 2010! Starring Lucie Arnaz, Raul Esparza and Valarie Pettiford with special guest’ Desi Arnaz , Richard Amaro and Miami City Ballet Star Jeanette Delgado! Directed by Lucie Arnaz, Musical Direction by Ron Abel and Staged and Choreographed by Ramon Del Barrio! `Babalu’ sizzles at the Arsht – `Babalu” — the enlightening, entertaining exploration of all things Arnaz — the man who brought so many innovative ideas to the early days of television was one hell of a musician and arranger.

Review- Miami, “Ramon Del Barrio, BABALU’s choreographer and co-creator, is the one creative force who seemed never to lose his way, with joy, passion and spirit, that is part of the legacy of Desi Arnaz. Mr. Del Barrio does great work with Richard Amaro and Jennette Delgado. The show kicks into high gear when Mr. Del Barrio gets to strut his stuff with his principal dancers. One only wishes that Ramon had more dancers and more opportunity to whip us into a frenzy with his spot on choreography.”  Broadway World

The sleek Lucie Arnaz has a fine, Broadway- and nightclub-tested voice, a gift for storytelling and a comic timing that probably runs in her DNA. She has a ball on the tongue-twisting “singalong” “Rumba Matumba” and delivers a jazzy duet with Pettiford on “Old Devil Moon.”
The terrific “New Desi Arnaz Orchestra”  led by musical director, pianist-arranger Ron Abel, with more-than-able contributions of the star’s brother on drums. Desi Arnaz Jr. is, in fact, a fabulous percussionist who marches to his own drummer! 
”Pettiford, whose still-sinewy body attests to her days as a Bob Fosse-trained dancer, brings sultriness to the table, particularly on the glorious “Come Rain or Come Shine” and in a sexy duet with Esparza, as he sings “Amor” to her “Bésame Mucho.””
The Miami-raised Esparza, as the opening-night crowd’s thunderous reactions made clear, is the show’s true star, and not because he sings `Cuban Pete,” “Granada,” “Cuban Cabbie,” “Babalu” and other songs associated with Arnaz. This is a Broadway leading man at the top of his game, an intensely dramatic singer making his first return to a hometown stage since he became a regular Tony Award contender.” “Esparza infuses his “Babalu” numbers with sexiness, impishness, blazing theatricality.
Watching him work is, asBroadway audiences have long known, thrilling.” Miami Herald
Lyrics and Lyricist at the 92nd St. Y “Smoldering!!! The New York TimesBabalu’s first incarnation Janary 2009. Lucie Arnaz, Artistic Director of the evening! It was a wonderful way for us to come together to celebrate the contributions of her father Desi Arnaz in music and so much more~!  Ron Abel-Musical Director, Ramon Del Barrio-Director/Choreographer, Lucie Arnaz-Artistic Director, Producer! Created by Lucie Arnaz, Ron Abel and Ramon Del Barrio.


Guys and Dolls Revival  2009

I created the role of Damon Runyon! Its was an amazing experience and truly exciting all the way to performing on the Tony’s! Our skit for Easter Bonnet was amazing and all in all it was the best time that year living on Runyon Way! Thank you Des Mcnuff and Sergio Trujillo and a wonderful cast and crewe!


Jersey Boys 2009-2010 LasVegas
This has been an amazing ride as well ! The music of The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio! Great cast and crew and once again thank you to Des and Sergio , Meri Sugarman with Tara Rueben and her casting associates!


“RENT” NO DAY BUT TODAY!!!! Posted on May 1, 2008 Rent is the ground-breaking musical phenomenon that truly changed Broadway forever and touched millions. Its breathtaking score and inspirational story have defined an entire generation. And now, this musical theater landmark is coming to the stage in Hawaii performed by an all-star high school cast presented by one of the country’s elite high-school drama programs ranked in the top ten by the American High School Theatre Festival – the Saint Louis Center For The Arts. I was so lucky to be staging and choreographing the first ever School Edition of the Broadway hit RENT in the islands!!! This is one of the first to open nation wide as well!!! Our Opening July 4th was an HIV/AIDS Benefit, the first of its kind in many years! How crucial that this message should get out to the kids here. They so need it. There is a whole new generation starting to deal with adult issues now! The Ice epidemic here, Homophobia, Bigotry, HIV and A.I.D.S. testing, treatment and awareness!!!! The local non-profit foundations here are amazing and are doing their greatest effort to take care of educating the youth and taking care of those who are living with H.I.V./A.I.D.S.!!! The Life Foundation, The Gregory House and Save the Food Basket and the Waikiki Health Center are the main four servicing the community! I know that RENT will make an impact on the kids and the audiences alike and spark a much needed overhaul in the fight to raise awareness here in Hawaii. July is the month for great awakenings and celebrating freedom, I pray that with the first High School to produce the teen version, it’s not long before others follow suit! The Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Center is closed now due and the fight against discrimination is not over. I have met over 100 kids who are at risk, some wealthy some not but all at risk and the adults are floundering to pay bills and leaving it up to the schools who still have no real comprehensive education program so the independents need the funding to continue the education!!! The Life Foundation sponsors an HIV101 student educational program and that meeting with the kids was an awesome event!!! RENT takes it’s place as the leader in all Hawaii theaters with Director Kyle Kakuno and St. Louis High School getting the high score for doing what is right for the youth and for the community. Bravo! Roslyn Catracchia, our Musical Director and my dear friend, thank you for introducing me to this amazing experience!!! Working with you was incredible!!! Maybe this will ignite the need for all the Community Theaters to serve the community not only for entertainment but for education and support!! NO DAY BUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!